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Feel free to find out more : glamtags@gmail.com

♥ Customer's Testimonials ♥

Ohhemgee..they are beautiful.. Thanks! I can't wait to post them on my blog!
- Hilwa Y.

Hi i just received my necklace. Awesome! Absolutely love it and glam tags service is the best! :)
- Zaven Vyi

I have received the necklace and thanks for your gift ! It looks awesome on me.. Really love it.. Especially your service is fantastic.. Hehe..
- Samantha L.

I just got my ring 2day n it is so beautiful.. it's how i imagined it wud b.. thx yeah.. :D
- N. A. Johan

I love Glam tags. The orders are always on time, and the service is always consistent. All my 5 purchases have been top notch, 100% recommend this to all my friends.
- Y.K Tan

I love it love it love it! My sister loves it too!!
Awesome packaging :) Thanks for being so cautious by sending it in a bubble wrapped envelope :)
Thank you so much!! I will definitely be back to order more in the future :)
- Natalie Y

My dear, just to inform.. already received the parcel. Tqvm.
please wait for my next order.. ;)
- Masnira

I ♥ GLAMTAGS XD promoting them 2 my frends XD their really excited :)
- Phoebe Len

HELLO! my necklace arrived today! so pretty. thank you very much :) x
- Melissa Ang, Australia

hi there, i just got the necklace this afternoon. it's soo pretty! and i love the fonts too! thanks a lot babe,would definitely recommend your items to my friends  :D
- Nadia N.

Hi Glamtags, Just received my necklaces. LOVE IT!! Thanks for sending it in time for my vacation next week. It was really thoughtful of you to send it by poslaju. You will be receiving more orders in the future from me. Just wait!
Lots of love  ♥
 - Alesha

hey! i got the rings today!! :D. they're awesome!
- Daryl R.

I already receive the necklaces, love it...
- N. Arissa

hi! so sorry for the late reply, i was out of town. I received the necklaces already and my friend and i really like them! thank you so much!
- Kuria

I do love it! Thanks! :)
- Anna

Received mine!!!look so cute n nice...!!!neat packaging....fast dealer....will recommend you to all my frens...^^..
- Mery H.

Hi dear received the items.  Really satisfied with quality packaging and every thing.  Thanks! Keep up the good work
- Mechell

Love my new shiny glam tags :) ♥
- Helen T

Hey, I have received my items. I really love it. Thanks a lot!! :)
- Clarisse L

Hi dear....
I had received the parcel by today :p come on safety condition.... really nice :) and wearing now.... hahaha..... thanks ya....... u r really great seller and patient... thanks for everything ya dear....
Best Regard,
- Gerine :)

Hi! I've just recieved the necklace and it's beautiful! Just what I wanted :) thank you so much! I'll be sure to order more things in the future.
Thanks again :)
- Ee Lyn

Hi I got my package ealier today! I got mine for the promotion and it's really nice of you to send it with pos laju & attach a thoughtful note as well.
I really love the qulity of the name necklace part, however my neacklace was tangled and took me some time to untangle it partly because it's abit fragile on the chain part. other than tht i'm really happy with my purchase and may order again in other colours =D
- Kristin Choy

hey I got my orders :) hehe thank you! My sisters and I love them! :D
- Rachel T

Hi, my sis just received the parcel this afternoon, she's very happy with it. Thank you!
- Evelyn

Received in very good condition . The box is so cute . Thanks xD
- Carwen V

hey there,
i have receive my necklace =)
it look lovely, i love it,
tot the necklace sorta short.
- Qin Ying T

Hi dear, Thanks so much!! :) everyone just set their eyes on my necklace when they meet me. I wear it almost everyday during work and just as i expect, all my clients love it and ask where do I purchase this. :) :) hehe. don't worry, of course I will help on some free publicities for you..
 Thanks btw dear!
- Jenn C

heyyy~~i just ny take my bracelet haha thanks its pretty btw but the wording too small >_< haha but still nice =) love it though
-Ashley She

Hi. I got the name necklace already. It's really pretty.It's exactly what I wanted. ANd the packaging is so pretty too. Such an awesome service you have there. Thanks! Cheers,
- Charlene

Hi, I got the necklace. It's very pretty. Thanks for the great service. You're very sweet :).
- Saiyidah Hazirah

hi, i have received the necklace...like them very much~~thanks^^
- Carol Ting

hey there. ive received my order already. n thanx alot. its really fits me very well :)
- Sofea Anis

hi, received the necklace n im soooo in love with it! thanks :)
- Ezzeti E.

hey, I've received my necklace! its pretty and lovely! like it so much! thanks! ♥
- Huda Irma

ive received it, its so loveable :)
- Suhana R.

Received. Thanks a lot. Love it :D
- Yipkei C

Hey, I received my necklace safely. Tq and no doubt its lovely! :)
- Arniesha A.

OMGOSSSSHHH!!!!! I went to d post office n collect it today!!!!!! Love it super wooper much!!!!!! N thx for d lovely post-it note ❤❤~~Super sweet ❤❤~~ I think i wanna buy summore~~ LOL~~My frens wanna do it too!! I'll recommend this to them XD~~Thx dearie ❤❤❤
- Christine O.

Hi dear! I juz got da necklace..it is soooo nice..n it is actually a present for someone n she loooooovve it sooo much!! Tq so much ya!
I'm looking forward to order another glamtags soon ;) Muchos love! Cheers!
- Aznurniza M.

Hi dear, D necklaces have finally arrived! The girls love them! Thanks!:)
- Nadiah M

Hi Dear, got mine today! love it. thank you!
- Rachel L.

I've received it ystd.. it's really vr nice thanks...
- Chinyin W.

Hey love!
We got our necklace today! yeahh!
And aww it's so so nice! too bad it doesn't have man chain though ;(
and thank you for the free gift!
Overall, we love it thanks very much! ;D
- Camilla S.

Hi dear. I've received my necklace & I'm loving it. Thank you so much!
- Aimy K.

hai, i am so so so sorry for the late reply! =/ quite busy with the raya things..anyway, i've received the necklace a few days before raya and my sis totally love it!! the words are perfectly carved as what i've imagined it would be.totally totally gorgeous!!a perfect new necklace for this raya. =D
- N. Wahidah

Dear, i got the rings already! wow, it is so superb!!!! thanks very much..i really really really heart it!! and thx for the very very very superb services..i like the packaging as well!..i am so gonna tell all my friends about u..please wait for more from me....lots of hugs and kisses..=D
- Aqilah K

Hi dear! Received my glamtags! LOVE IT! its beautiful! thanks for your good service! :)
- Shahreena

Hi babe!
Thanks for getting me poslaju!! I love it to the max!! Really! :D
Worth the wait :)
Million thanks! 

- Mei Kee

hi dear..
i received my necklace today....
i love it so much...

- Syazana A.

Hi. I hv received my necklaces <3
Its really cute.
Thanks for your good service.

- Farah B.

Hello, I've received the necklace few days ago. Really love it ! Thanks :)
- Jiayee L.

Hey i just received the necklace! Omg soooo amazing!! Love it so much. Its the most perfect gift for my bestfriend. Thank youuuu so much! Such a great customer service. <3
- Alia

I've just come home and seent the GlamTags, they're just how I wanted and expected them! Thanks, and thanks for dropping them off :)
- Azurin

Hi dear,my necklace alrdy arrived,I really really love it :) Thnks !
- Elna W.

Hi dear? Hw r u? Thk u so muc, 4 d necklace :) i luv it.. N yaa, my fren wans 2 mk a ordr aso, wil send u d details 2nite. I wil ask her 2 choose d font frm d email u sent me. Tats all. Nyway, thx dear. Tc.
- Veenazha

got the package. thank you! :D love it!
- KokTong N.

Hi GlamTags..
Received mine yesterday..cant stop smiling since..my name looks so special. ♥ ..i'll surely order more from Glamtags in future...thank you for the superb ideas of customizing accessories..♥ ♥ ♥ it...and...
GOOD LUCK for your exam babe ;)

- Azreen A.

I received mine on Tuesday. Love it so much. Thank you very much:) All the best in your coming exam^_^!

- Alexis M.

Oh i just received the stuff today :D it looks awesome! Just like the pictures do. Thanks so much. Was gonna order something else for my friend's birthday but realized you're on break. Good luck for exams ^^

- Karmun L.

Thanks Glamtags!
I have received the necklaces :)
I like it so so much!!

- Janeane N.

necklace received!! i <3 it..
200% more beautiful than i imagine :)
tx glamtags..

- Mira E.

Ola!! I hv received the necklaces! Omg its wonderful and so pretttty! Perfectly done and I'm so impressed. The artwork is flawless and I'm gonna order more frm u.. I guess next on my list is the infinity rings :)
Good luck in ur exam and all d best in ur business!!! :)
Thanks again dear ! Merry xmas & happy new year !!!!

- Sarah S.

hi, i have received the necklace...like them very much~~thanks ^^
- Carol T.

Hi glam! The thing has been delivered to me :D hehehe its so nice weii :D I like it very much, seriously :D

- Jazreen J.

Hello, Thanks a lot for the rings! They're beautiful!
- Eeleng H.

hi,i received my necklace ald...not bad,i like it!! will intro my friend abt it =))
 although delay the receive date,but still satisfied for ur services....

- Faeryn P.

anyway, the necklace looks cool weyh.. nice. not bad.. i like it n she like it too! =)
 myb soon, will buzz u again for another product like a ring or smthng.. u knw..
 thx yea.. n hav a nice day.. cheers!

- Becky L.

Halo Ms. Chi!
I have received the ring and it's BEAUTIFUL! I thought I orderd for a
rose gold plated ring but it looks more like bronze. I don't know.
Anyway, I LOVE IT SO MUCH! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!! I wish I could give
you a hug! Thank you! :D

- Asyraf A.

Received it! Thank you it's so lovely. Put it on right away! =) xxx
- Atie A.

Thank you very much... I received the necklace and it is very beautiful :) ... Tq.
- Amy C.

I've received the mini necklace today. It is super cute! Can't wait for my baby to pop out n make her wear the necklace. Nice packaging too.thanks glamtags!
- Erni S.

hi dear. received my glamtag already.
good quality, reasonable price.
here's a photo of it. TQVM and hope to purchase from you after the hiatus!

- Alison L.

just received the ring. love it  love it love it :)
its nicer than i thought. thanks.

- Huda A.

Hi there!!! :) I just got home and received the necklace! I'm totally satisfied with it! :)
thank you very much! hehe, even my mom compliments it. Thanks for the voucher too! cant wait to flash it in front of my friends and for sure, will let them know about you! thanks again ;)

- Phyllis C

I've just received my necklace today, and I have nothing but good things to say about you guys!
Your service has been polite, prompt and personal, as if you're dealing with us personally, each and every one of us, and I really appreciate that - you don't even get this kinda service at physical shops!
I am also very very grateful for your willingness to ship my necklace all the way to Australia for me when the items arrived later than expected, it is in perfect condition and wrapped with extra care.
Please feel free to share my review on your FB or your blog, and I've also attached a photo of my necklace along with this email.
Thank you very much again, and you can be sure that I'll be buying from you guys again soon :)

- Lynn

received the necklace finally. :)
its nice, gorgeous, just way too awesome to be describe in words :)
thanks for it! :D

- Wan Yee
Hello dear!
Please find attached my picture with your lovely necklace! would love to buy more! even my sister bought it and now i think im gonna get me another one as well as for my cousin! let me have them vouchers please so that i can get more! :)

- Shahreena

This would be the picture of your product that I've bought. Still look brand new. Almost a year I've been wearing it. Still shines like the first time I've bought it. Most of my friends love it.
- Diyanna N.

Here's my picture :)
My experience? Well I love the necklace and it's definitely beautiful :D

- Shermaine L.

Dear ♥ Glamtags ♥....
Never wonder my own carved name could be so nice when it turn into a necklace...
Love it so much....and so gonna make a new accessories soon with my very own name carved on it...
now gimme my free RM20 voucher..so i can make a new bracelet for myself...hehehehhe...
Kudos Glamtags ♥


Thank you so much, i just recieve my rings, thank you and i love it
- Abdul R.

Hi , received the necklace today ! Thank you . Love it ! ♥
- Haniz Z.

Hey girl,
I finally received it after 3 weeks plus, was so excited the whole period. It came in a box and with a cloth, the packaging is so cute. I'm so happy it came out perfect, just the size and font I wanted. Thanks to glamtags for the good service that was provided, I will definitely buy one again ! :D I hope for more promotion perhaps? :p
xox, c

- Carolyn T.

Hi there,
Juz received my necklace, TQVM really luv it, a few of my frens also want it and I informed them bout ur blog, gud luck J
Many Thanks,

- Diana N.

hey dear,
already received the package, it looks wonderful..really appreciate it.
might purchase a couple more in the future...
thx guys.

- Ryan S.

Thank you so much, i just recieve my rings, thank you and i love it
- Abdul R.

Hi there I have receive it today. Thank You ♥ I hope my friend love it and soon will do one for myself :D
- Chia Yee T.

Thanks dear! i love it:D:D:D
- Kimberly T.

love it! Thx~
- Phoebe Y.

Received my glamtag, it's lovely. Thank you. :)
- Xinbi T.

I have received the necklace.. gorgeous!
thank you so much! Definitely recommending you to my friends..
Also, I think my sister would want to order one for herself too!
Will be in contact with you again soon on that..
Thanks once again for your good service and prompt replies :)
Have an fantabulous day ahead!

- Midori C.

i love the accesories so much! its beautiful...thx GlamTags..smile
- Norlela R.

Hi there,
I got my necklace!!! I love it so much...tq!!

- waiyee

Hi dear,
Received the necklace yesterday.
Luv it!

- Niza

Hello :)
Just wanted to say that I just collected your parcel from PosLaju today, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 2 glamtags I ordered. They've turned out just the way I thought they would look like, may be even better!
Thank you SO SO much for making my order even when the last batch was already closed because I needed the two necklaces urgently before I left the country. Much appreciated!
I will definitely be ordering more in the near future!
Thanks again!

- Hasuli

They are so efficient and they have one of the best product out there! Quality is awesome and the service is quick! Money well spent!! :D
- Johnathan T.

Hi GlamTags!
I have just received my package and I'm totally happy with the outcome of the necklace! Simple and nice!
Oh and thank you for heart-warming note you wrote on the envelope :) it's very sweet :)
Thank you so much and Merry Christmas! :)

- Priscillia

Thankiewww. I love the necklaces very much! Never regretted for buying so many products from Glamtags! :*
- Reena L.

sorry for the late update
i was on leave and couldnt collect my bracelet at work
i got it, it's lovely. thanks!

- Mindy L.

Dear.. recvd my necklace... love it so much.. cant wait to wear it on xmas, gonna suprise my fiance.. heheeh... im thinking to order the hello kitty for my daughter...
- Wannie K.

Hello, parcel received! Will review this weekend! πŸ‘πŸ‘
Absolutely gorgeous! ♥
Thank you, look forward to making another purchase!

- J. Choi Lin Y.

OMG! never thought that the necklace arrived that fast!?
Thanks dear, my friend love it so much! :*
will bank in the balance to you later...;)

- Elise T.

Hello !
I get the Pet Tag already.. It is so nice ! Good job !

- Mandy N.

Happy New Year to you! All the best in your business ;) Always great service from you.
- Cheng L.

Hi there,
Just to say thanks for my ring. It was lovely and thanks for your troubles. Happy New Year!

- Renee Y.

thank you darl. i received it today and i love it! will order some thing else from you soon. =D
- Sakinah Z.

Hello I have received the accessory and it is beautiful and nice!
Thank you for your awesome service! fast and efficient haha! have a great day! ^^

- Gary Y.

I just got the item😊 I love it, thank you.
- Shahrul A.

heyy, i just get my parcel yesterday. yeahhh, i really like it. thank you very much dear.
- Siti R.

Hey glam tags
I've received my necklace! Didn't know the crystal was that big though. It looks lovely!! I like it alot. Will post a photo later. Thanks.

- Cheryn C.

dear,i receive my necklace
i love it
it's very nice

- Huey Lian

Hi dear, i received the tag already. Love it so much
I would like to make another order.

- Daphne K.

Here is my write up on my necklace.
My apologies for the late reply, I only got it about 2 weeks ago when my friend brought it back for me from Malaysia. And I am loving it so far, thank you for the great necklace!


- Seow Wei

Hi, I received my necklaces dy:) thankiew so much; ) it's really lovely! :) will continue support it when I need♥
- Carlesa B.

Hi glamtags thank you so much!  I have received my stuffs ! it's so beautiful!   :) my necklace when will arrive ya ?
- W.Y Chen

Dear Glamtags,
Thanks for making my day...
I have received both of my necklaces ...
I am satisfied! hihihi :) :) :D
Happy Chinese New Year!

- Sylvia T.

I have received my necklace and I absolutely love it!
The quality is great and it's really pretty.
Thank you very much!
I don't have a blog but I'll be sure to spread your services to my friends ;D

- Rachel O.

hey !
i got my glam tag last week and it is simply great! love it!
i wana noe how can i clean it? will it turn black? my glam tag is the  classic range, silver plated white gold.thx :) hope to hear from u soon..

- Suchitra M.

good morning and happy valentine day.....i have received the charming bracelet on friday ( 1st february 2013)...it's really nice and i like it so much..good work....nice item at great price...
- Ida I.

hello there. sorry for the late reply. the necklace has safely arrived at me and i love it! i've also tagged you in FB & instagram :)
- Natasha W.

My friends ramai dah tanya pasal ur product~ They all like the necklace. Tq so much :) 12 friends of mine. mana yg i mampu terangkan, i terangkanlah. The rest i suh dorang tanya u. :)

- Nina D.

arrived today.she likes it! thx GlamTags! 5 star for u :D
- Hairi N.

Received. Thanks a lot! She loves it a lot :)
- Vigneswara R.

and many more ;)
We ♥ our customers. Thanks for the support, dearies :))

Muchos lovee!

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