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Sunday, January 26, 2014

M2U Pay

Dearest customers,

You may now pay us via the brand new system of M2U PAY.
Find it on the right sidebar on our website: www.glamtags.blogspot.com

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What is M2U Pay?

A new easy, fuss-free online payment system introduced by Maybank.
  1. NO NEED for account numbers and to key in details
  2. NO NEED for proof of payment
  3.  Faster, easier, quicker, secure and safer

Both seller and customers will have a much more secure payment process, saving a lot of hassle.

If you are a blogshop owner, you should really consider M2U Pay as one of your primary payment methods.

  1. Privacy of bank accounts
    - There is no need for you to share your personal bank account number as well as name to your customers.
  2. Ease and convenience
    - There is no need to constantly check online for status of payment and transactions. Seller will be emailed immediately with details of the order (Name, Item, Total price) after payment has been made through M2U Pay.
  3. Secure and trusted
    - M2U Pay is a secured payment system by Maybank, and customers would be more trusting of this payment method and worry less about being scammed.

For customers
  1. Ease and Convenience
    - There is no need for you to open another link and log in to the website to make a 3rd-party transfer. Just click the "M2U Pay" button on our website and the funds will be transferred immediately after a one-step TAC confirmation.
  2. No need for payment verification
    - A receipt of the transaction will be emailed to both the customer and seller, ensuring there is proof of transaction.
  3. Safe and Secure
    - The payment system is wholly run by Maybank under a secure database system, and there will be not be fraud or phishing websites to be fearful of.

For more details, please click HERE.
Watch the video below to find out more:

Try it today :)