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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Premium Range : Name Necklaces

For more the more affordable "CLASSIC Name Necklaces" please click here.

Our necklaces are of European export standards.
100% Genuine 925 Silver, 18K Yellow Gold , 18K White Gold and 18K Rose Gold.

p.s : Necklaces of such high quality fetches easily around RM380 - RM500 elsewhere.

Code : Premium Name Necklace
- Made of 100% Genuine 925 Sterling Silver.
- Option of 18K White Gold / Yellow / Rose Gold plating for only RM20 more.
(Highly recommended)
- May add heart crystal or circle czech crystal for an additional RM35 to the personalized name handphone charm.
- Up to 5 letters. Additional letters will be RM2 each.
- RM160 onwards

E.g : (For 5-letter name) RM160 + 20 (Gold plating) + 3 (Icon) = RM183

Sizes :
NaNa wearing her mini-sized Premium Name Necklace with a czech crystal at the "N" and a Ribbon 5cm Extension Clasp. 40cm chain.
  1. Mini (2-2.5cm) : 40cm chain
  2. Standard (3-4.5cm) : 40cm chain
  3. Large (5-6cm) +RM30 : 40cm chain
All lengths are ADJUSTABLE. :)
Choose from 40cm, 42cm or 45cm.
Lengths longer than 45cm are subject to charges of RM15 per 5cm.
Sherlyn wearing her standard-sized Premium Name Necklace with czech crystal at the "S" and a heart extension clasp (Not shown). 40cm chain.
Example of (Standard sized) Premium Name Necklace in 18K Yellow Gold plating and a Czech Crystal on the "A"
-How it looks when worn-

For more examples click here.

18K Yellow Gold plated "VeniceMin" with double crystals, 40cm.

Venice Min and her customized name necklace :)

18K Rose Gold plated "Cheryn" with shiny large heart Czech Crystal and ribbon necklace clasp.

18K Yellow Gold plated "Claire" with shiny heart Czech Crystal replacing "i" dot, and crown no.9 on top of C.

~ Extra chain length (5cm) at only + RM10 :
Code: Extra 5cm

Add a cute icon/initials to the end! + RM25
Choose from the premium chart. [ Click ]


Mold used for exact shape cutting :-

[ Optional ]

Different chain
ALL NECKLACES will have a standard "[0] 1.5mm linkage" chain, but you can also opt for special chain designs :-


Order form:- 
Contact no:

Item Code:
Name Engraved:
Material (925 Sterling Silver/18K Yellow Gold/Rose Gold/White Gold plated) :
Additions (Icons/Borders):
Postage:  POS LAJU (+RM6) or free Registered Post

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